J massage

About us

J massage is  opened in 2017.We aim to bring the comfortable and quality services to our customers. We offer 4 types of massage and  facility to service for  43  people in one turn.You’ll find pleasant and great stress relief, friendly staff, an atmosphere that’s calm, enjoy come with with your family and friends.

Massage types:

1.Full body massage /60 minute/- This full-body massage uses deeper pressure to release the tension and restore fresh energy.

2.Foot massage /60 minute/-Soaking your feet with special warm water and massaging the pressure points to release any tension.

3.Head and Back massage /60 minute/- release the head and back  pain and treat rheumatism.

4.Aroma massage  /60 minute/-Massaging the body by warm aroma oil relieves from body pain and gives relaxation.        

J massage center offers you a great relaxing comfortable in our VIP room. Please, take your time with your friends and family in our massage center.

Benefits after massage :

  • Increases the muscle tones
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Improves the metabolism
  • decrease the excess weight
  • cleans the body  thoroughbred system    
  • gloves the full body skin
  • relieves your tiredness
  • relieves from feeling sleepy
  • gives relaxation and release the stress
  • makes you a happy and improves your emotion
  • releases your insomnia
  • improves the long lasting life

Our skilful massagists   will give you a great variety of massage .The massaging will give you a benefits such as  improve the metabolism, your eyes will be sparkle  and your tiredness and pain will completely release , and your health will be improved.